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Green and Healthy Wood Flooring for You and Your Family

Feel Safe With Your Favorite Wood Floors

When it comes time to shop for wood floors, people are often preoccupied thinking about which wood type they want, which one fits their room and many other aesthetic aspects. But there is one important point that very often people forget to consider: are their wood floors safe?  

We're referring to many wood flooring products, especially various Laminate Wood Flooring, which contain high levels of Formaldehyde which is very dangerous to humans and in long term exposure can cause cancer. 


What is Formaldehyde ? 

Formaldehyde is a commonly used chemical compound that exists in various forms and at room temperature, is a colorless, distinctive, strong and even pungent smelling, flammable and gaseous substance. Cheap wood flooring (and sometimes expensive wood floors) can give off formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound (VOC) which is classified as a carcinogen (chemical linked to cancer) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 


It can be found in the adhesive used to bind MDF (a material commonly used as wood floor layer) together. Formaldehyde is a simple volatile organic chemical that occurs naturally as well as being found in many products other than MDF and furniture, such as toiletries, plastics, carpets and clothing. Naturally occurring formaldehyde levels are normally not more than 0.03 parts per million (ppm), which should not pose a health risk. However, inside homes or offices containing formaldehyde-emitting products levels may rise above this.


What Are The Effects of Exposures to Formaldehyde  ?

Formaldehyde can cause harm to the human body in many ways. The most common health problems in people exposed to formaldehyde include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. In long term, it could lead to causing nose and throat cancer. While to most animals, formaldehyde can result in irritation and damage to the lining of the nose and throat.


How Much is Too Much?


According to the United Nations' International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), the maximum limit for Formaldehyde concentration in human's body is 1 mg/L (1 ppm).


JAS Standard (Japanese Agriculture Standard) notes that the average Formaldehyde F4 Stars emission is between 0.3 mg/L and 0.4 mg/L. While CARB Standard (Californian Air Resource Board) limit the safety formaldehyde emission level under 0.05 ppm. This is due to the previous accident during Katrina storm in the US, where several people were evacuated to mobile homes which caused them severe respiration and eye-irritation problems. Later it was concluded that the problems was caused by high level of formaldehyde level of the glue used in the mobile homes.


Knowing If Your Wood Floor Contains Formaldehyde

The easiest way to spot if your wood floor contains Formaldehyde is by smelling its surface. If the wood floor has high levels of Formaldehyde, it can immediately cause an eye sore and you will recognise by its strong scent.

 What about KROYA Floors ?


KROYA Floors exclusively use Dorus SL 8460 as glue or resin material which is categorised as EPI glue (Emulsion Polymerized Isocyanate). This glue is composed from 2 components: Ethylene base and Isocyanate particles with D4 grade, which is also surpases EN 204 standard. Our glue and resin material has also obtained F4 Stars Standard from JAIA. All of these qualifications guarantee that NO formalin / formaldehyde are added / involved in the making of our floors.


Furthermore we invite you to review some important certifications which KROYA Floors has achieved as the sign of our commitment to produce green, healthy, reliable and trusted wood flooring products so that each of our clients can enjoy our floors with a renewed sense of security.